Addition Impossible / New Gill is the 25th episode of MAD Season 2, and the 51st overall episode of MAD.

Episode Summary

Addition Impossible: Ethan Hunt's team needs to save the world, while also struggling with simple math.

New Gill: Ariel breaks up with Prince Eric and moves into an apartment with three dudes.


  1. MAD News - The MAD News anchor announces that one whole week after Easter and the Johnson family still have not found all their Easter eggs.
  2. Opening Scene
  3. Addition Impossible (Movie Parody of Mission: Impossible)
  4. Animated Marginals segment - Alfred's exercise bike pedals away.
  5. Woman saves herself on the train tracks (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  6. Satel-Night-Light (Ad Parodies segment)
  7. Superheroes: They're Just Like Us (Cartoon) (Comic Parody of DC Comics and Marvel Comics) (Animated by Nate Theis)
  8. LIFE: the Ride (Game Parody of LIFE) (Cartoon)
  9. My Little PWNY (TV Parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (Ad Parodies segment)
  10. Babies Are Monsters (But Nobody Notices) (Animated by Andy Baker)
  11. Spy vs. Spy - White Spy's Daily Stroll (Spy vs. Spy segment) (Stop-motion Cartoon)
  12. Animated Marginals segment - A guy saws a circle in the ice, but the rest of the ice comes down.
  13. Professor Charles Xavier Boards His Plane (Spoof on Professor Charles Xavier, leader and founder of the X-Men) (Cartoon)
  14. Bad Idea #211: Tug-o-Worm (Bad Idea segment) (Spoof on Tug of War) (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  15. New Gill (TV Parody of New Girl / Book Parody of Hans Christen Andersen's the Little Mermaid)
  16. Credits
  17. 5-second Cartoon: (from Addition Impossible) Johnny Blaze dons the third celebrity mask, then it burns and he says, "Waste of money." (5-second Cartoon segment)


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  • Hugh Davidson - Marlin, Johnny Blaze's Motorcycle, Coach, Referee, Derrick, and Thor
  • Grey DeLisle - Ariel, Pinkie Pie, and Little Girl
  • Keith Ferguson - Johnny Blaze, Charles Xavier, and Winston Bishop
  • Jim Meskimen - Kurt Hendricks, Benji Dunn, and Satel-Night-Light Announcer
  • Rachel Ramras - Jane Carter, Drive-Thru Worker, Applejack, and Little Girl
  • Kevin Shinick - William Brandt, Prince Eric, Scuttle, Red Skull, Lightning McQueen, SpongeBob SquarePants, Iron Man, Superman, the Thing, Schmidt, Spider-Man, My Little PWNY Announcer, Bad Idea Announcer, Kid, and the MAD News Anchor
  • Michael Sinterniklaas - Ethan Hunt, Aquaman, and Nick Miller
  • Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle, Little Boy, and Superheroes: They're Just Like Us Announcer
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