Alfred E. Neuman for President is a sketch that shows what happens if Alfred E. Neuman becomes president.
Alfred e. neuman for president

Segment Appearences

Season 3


Batman's Celebrity Endorsement


Are you gonna let a dolphin decide to take risks? I didn't think so.

Forest Fires

Fear of the Dark

Nicki Minaj's Celebrity Endorsement

Rejected Mascots

The Bald Eagle with a Wig

The Substitute Teacher Missed Science Class

Campaign Promises

Rejected Campaign Slogans

Suggested Running Mates


Hide and Seek

Alfred E. Newman Was There

News From the Campaign Trail

More Campaign Promises


  • Episode 65 and Episode 67 are the only two episodes of MAD since Episode 53 (the MAD Season 3 Premiere) that don't have an Alfred E. Neuman for President segment.
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