The Bad Idea segment shows random ideas and numbers.

S'UP / Mouse M.D.

1. Bad Idea #771: Unicorn on the Cob - If you take a bite of unicorn on the cob, it will upset the unicorn and you will take off along with the unicorn.

Parody: Unicorn and Corn on the Cob

2. Bad Idea #267: Strobe Lighthouse - If you have a party with a strobe lighthouse, a passing ship will crash.

Parody: Strobe Light and a Lighthouse

Are You Karate Kidding Me? / The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air

3. Bad Idea #21: Birdfeeder Earrings - If you wear birdfeeder earrings, the birds will attack you.

Parody: Birdfeeders and Earrings

4. Bad Idea #554: Convertible Submarine - Let's just say, you need to put a top on.

Parody: Convertibles and Submarines

Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody / Tater Tots & Tiaras

5. Bad Idea #214: Mustache Comb-Over - Don't even think of trying this at home.

Parody: Mustache and a Comb-Over

Twilight: Staking Dawn / Cookie Blue

6. Bad Idea #317: Black Hole Bungee Jumping - If you go black hole bungee jumping, you might get smacked by a meteor.

Parody: Black Hole and Bungee Jumping

7. Bad Idea #827: Strawberry Scented Sleeping Bags - If you go camping with strawberry scented sleeping bags, it will attract wild animals.

Parody: Strawberry Scented Markers and Sleeping Bags

Al Pacino and the Chipmunks / That's What Super Friends Are For

8. Bad Idea #894: Launch Box - If you have lunch with a launch box, you will take off along with it.

Parody: Lunch Box

9. Bad Idea #19: Bear Room Dancing - Let's just say, never bump into a bear, unless he doesn't care about being bumped.

Parody: Ballroom Dancing and Bears

Addition Impossible / New Gill


10. Bad Idea #211: Tug-o-Worm - If you play Tug-o-Worm, the worm will break and slime will splatter everywhere. Yuck!

Parody: Tug of War

Battleship vs. Titanic / Jurassic Parks and Recreation

11. Bad Idea #7: Gastronaut - If you're a gastronaut, try to watch where you're going.

Parody: Astronaut

12. Bad Idea #388: Tancakes - Let's just say, don't eat this at home, or anywhere else.

Parody: Pancakes

The Bourne Leg-a-Turkey / PilGrimm

13. Bad Idea #6: Russell Scarecrow - When Russell Scarecrow sees crows in the garden, he has a fit and throws a telephone to get rid of them.

Parody: Russell Crowe and Scarecrow


14. Bad Idea #24: Turkey Gumstick - If you eat a turkey gumstick, you will make a big bubble and it will burst everywhere. Messy isn't it?

Parody: Turkey Drumstick

Here Comes the Doom / Brain Purge

15. Bad Idea #445: The Girafft - Let's just say, it's not the best way to avoid a flood.

Parody: Giraffe and a Raft

MAD's 100th Episode Special

16. Bad Idea #100: Juice Boxing Gloves - If one of the boxers has juice boxing gloves in his hands, he will cause the boxes to burst out the juice, covering both boxers in juice.

Parody: Juice Box and Boxing Gloves


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