This ad is a parody of Justin Bieber.
Bieber Bowl Parody Ad Title

Title from the Bieber Bowl Ad Parody

This ad is from the episode Avaturd, CSiCarly.

Summary of Skit

The Bieber Bowl, our operators are waiting to adore you.




Tired of getting haircuts that don't get you noticed? Introducing the Bieber Bowl, the new hairstyling bowl would make you look being just out to Just-in! The Bieber Bowl special packed design allows you just bop, bowl, and you're Biebered! Just look how adorable. Plus, if you like it, we'll send you a new bowl each month so you can look like Zac, Moisés, that guy, blondie, his brother, and him! So start shampooing now. The Bieber Bowl: Our operators are waiting to adore you! Also available in adult sizes.

Video of Skit

thumb|left|318px|The Bieber Bowl


  • 1st time Justin Bieber appears.
  • The adult version was named "Bardem Bowl".