Skit from WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition

Summary of Skit

A new store dedicated to building your very own Justin Bieber.


Usher: Hi, I'm Usher. Do you have any idea how felt it is to discover Justin Bieber and then mold him to what ever I want him? Of course you don't. That's why I opened Build-a-Bieber.

Girl 1: My Bieber wants to have a tea party with me.

Usher: Of course he does. When you build a Bieber, you can make him do or say anything you want, like play dress up.

Bieber: I'm from Canada!

Build-A-Bieber - Mad (TV Show)

Build-A-Bieber - Mad (TV Show)

Usher: Tell each other secrets.

Bieber: I love you too.

Usher: And go on pony rides.

Bieber: I'm from Canada.

Girl 2: Stop saying that.

Guy 1: My Justin Bieber won't make us much money as yours does.

Usher: He won't do that, but man he sure is cute.

All Biebers: I'm from Canada!!


  • Second time Justin Bieber appears.
  • This is obviously a parody of Build-A-Bear Workshop.
  • This is the first time Justin Bieber's bald in a MAD episode, before Usher puts his hair on it.
  • Almost every Bieber says "I'm from Canada!"
  • If you look carefully, the first time a Bieber says "I'm from Canada.", you can see a troll doll with blonde hair.