Summary of Skit

This is a skit where they look at Celebrity Birthdays.



  • This is the one of the only sketches where SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick's designs are not altered and look very close to appearance in the actual show.



Announcer: It's time for Celebrity Birthdays! Today's celebrity birthdays include SpongeBob's own Mort Jenkins! Before landing the boat as jellyfish #56, Mort was hired to build sets for the local production of The Sting! He got bit by the acting bug, and the rest as they say is fishtory! And let's give a big birthday cheer to Evelyn Crawford, better known for her leg acting in the Tom & Jerry cartoons. Finally, Ernie Zacks, the stunt double for both Zack and Cody on the suite life on deck turns 53 today! Go get em Ernie! And that's today's celebrity birthdays!

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