Demise of the Planet of the Apes/ The Celebrity Ape-rentice is the 11th episode of MAD Season 2, and the 37th overall episode of MAD.

Episode Summary

Demise of the Planet of the Apes: After coming to a nice home, Caesar is sent to an ape imprisonment home where Kevin James comes and helps them conquer the world so he can get an Oscar.

The Celebrity Ape-rentice: Robert Franklin and Steven Jacobs send Caesar, Donkey Kong, and Mojo Jojo to Donald Chimp to help him take over the whole planet.


  1. MAD News - The MAD News anchor announces that Monkeys have taken over the MAD offices and they make him dress as an ape.
  2. Opening Scene (Monkey sounds added to it)
  3. Demise of the Planet of the Apes (Movie Parody of Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
  4. Animated Marginals segment

    The Celebrity Ape-rentice

  5. Wheel of Fortune: Monkey Edition: Part 1: Bahamas (Game Show Parody of Wheel of Fortune) (Ad Parodies segment)
  6. Ape Sheriff: Part 1 (Ad Parodies segment)
  7. Wheel of Fortune: Monkey Edition: Part 2: Donkey See, Donkey Do
  8. Adhesive Ape (Parody of Adhesive Tape) (Ad Parodies segment)
  9. Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up (Monkey version of the Celebrities Without Their Makeup segment)
  10. Spy vs. Spy - White Spy's Monkey (Spy vs. Spy segment)
  11. Animated Marginals segment
  12. Ape Sheriff: Part 2
  13. Wheel of Fortune: Monkey Edition: Part 3: Philip Seymour Hoffman
  14. The Celebrity Ape-rentice (TV Parody of the Celebrity Apprentice)
  15. Credits
  16. 5-Second Cartoon - Ape Sheriff: Part 3 - Monkey shoots the man. (5-second Cartoon segment)


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  • Chris Cox - Caesar, Will Rodman, and Ben Stiller
  • Larry Dorf - Hunsiker, Nesmith, and Monkey Wheel of Fortune Announcer
  • Ralph Garman - Kevin James, Donald Chimp, Scientist, and Monkey Contestant
  • Jim Meskimen - Director, Pat Sajak, and John Landon
  • Rachel Ramras - Dora, Boots, Lois, Scientist, and Woman
  • Kevin Shinick - Charles Rodman, Chris Griffin, Sheen, Grape Ape, Mojo Jojo, Steven Jacobs, Ape Sheriff Announcer, Adam Sandler, Monkey Contestant, Poster Boy, and the MAD News Anchor
  • Dana Snyder - Mayor, Robert Franklin, and Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up Announcer
  • Fred Tatasciore - Donkey Kong, Monkey Contestant, and Adhesive Ape Announcer
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