This ad is a parody of Mom and Dad... especially your Mom and Dad.

This is from the episode The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess.

Summary of Skit

MAD looks at how your mom and your dad are different.



  • Sometimes forgets your schedule
  • Won't let you pay video games
  • Likes new clothes
  • Loves to read in bed
  • Likes cop shows


  • Sometimes forgets your name
  • Won't let you play his video games
  • Has clothes
  • Loves to read elsewhere
  • Is on cop shows


Announcer: And now the Differences between your Mom and your Dad. Mom sometimes forgets your schedule.

Mom: Is in it today baseball or soccer?

Announcer: Dad sometimes forgets your name.

Dad: Duhh, hey there, at, uhh, champ.

Announcer: Mom won't let you play video games.

Mom: Ahh-ahhhhhhhh!

Announcer: (Dad playing the video games) Dad won't let you play his video games.

Dad: (slaps the boy) Scram!!

Announcer: Mom likes new clothes. Dad has clothes. Mom loves to read in bed. Dad loves to read elsewhere. Mom loves cop shows. Dad is on cop shows.

Dad: Hey!! Have you mother call this any?!

Announcer: And those are the Differences between your Mom and your Dad.


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