Title of Ad Segment

This ad is a parody of Apple's iPhone.

This ad is from the episode Trans-Bore-Mores, Groan Wars.


Afterscene of ePhonie

The Scene after the Title

Announcer: Let's say you've eaten a large Mexican meal before a long drive home. There's a crap for that.

(BHHT!) (Through the ePhonie)

Announcer: Or you have one of those bathrooms that's an earshot of the people sitting in the living room. There's a crap for that.

BHHT! (Through the bathroom)

Announcer: Or you go to a birthday party and discover you shouldn't be having dairy. Well, there's a crap for that too.

BHHT! (Through the ePhonie again)

Announcer: Yep, there's a crap for just about anything. The new ePhonie. It's all crap.

BHHHHHHHHHHHT! (Through the screen after the title.)


  • It is a parody of the iPhone commercial, which had the tagline "There's an app for that."