Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth

Announcer: Everything is better with ninjas! School!

Teacher: The Lousianna Purchase was when Thomas Jefferson...

(Some kid shoots a spitball at the ninja, then he attacks the kid and drinks some grape juice.)

Ninja: Ahh!

(He puts back the grape juice and hides in the desk.)

Announcer: Chores!

(The mom hands the ninja plates to break.)

Announcer: The Local News!

Ninja: And that's the news in Cincinatti. But first, let's do one more check of the weather. Barbara?

Announcer: And Weddings!

Usher/Best Man: And now let's cut the cake.

(The ninja uses his sword to give cake to the bridesmaids and the ushers.)

Usher/Best Man: Wow, that was amazing.

(The bride and groom split.)

Usher/Best Man: Still, pretty amazing.

Average-ers / Legend of Dora

Announcer: Everything is better with ninjas! Golf!

(Golfer taps the ball into the hole, but ninja pops out of the hole and slashes the ball in half with his katana, making the golfer mad).

Announcer: Camping!

(Ninja uses shuriken to put scouts' tent up, but then steals their marshmallows).

Announcer: Shoe Shopping!

Ninja: How do they feel?

Boy: They're a little snug.

Ninja: Oh, really? I'll go get a pair that might fit you. Be right back. (vanishes)

Announcer: And Young Love!

Ugly Boy: I love you.

Ugly Girl: And I love you.

(They are about to kiss, but then the ninja steals the ugly girl and stuffs her in the locker, then the top of the ugly boy's head comes off).

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