Fantastic Megan Fox is a crossover between Fantastic Mr. Fox and Megan Fox.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 8: Fantastic Megan Fox / MAD vs. Wild.


Megan is a fox, literally, and she's going to show the world what fantastic actress she can be.




Megan Fox:
MAD Fantastic Megan Fox

MAD Fantastic Megan Fox

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[Whistles, clicks tongue]

Megan Fox: What a looker. But what's the point of being a fox if the world can't see how foxy I am? I mean what do they have that I don't have? So what if Kristen Stewart have gorgeous hair, Scarlett Johansson has beautiful...eyes, or Angelina Jolie have luscious lips? Actually, that is a big list. But you know what's even bigger? My desire to be as fantastic as them. So look out, Hollywood. Tonight, Megan steals her way to stardom!

[Title card: Fantastic Megan Fox]


Kristen Stewart: Uhh looking too happy again. Better work on that frown some more. What? A fox!

Megan Fox: Ah, thanks. I think so too! [She put Kristen's hair]

Kristen Stewart: Ahh!

Megan Fox: [Whistles, clicks tongue]

Kristen Stewart: Now I really have a reason to frown. Nope still not enough.


Scarlett Johansson: [She dives into her pool and sees a fox] I must be seeing things.

Megan Fox: Not for long! [She put Scarlett's eyeballs]

Scarlett Johansson: What the cuss? You're crazy!

Megan Fox: Yeah, crazy like an..... actress!


[Babies crying]


[Crying stops]

Angelina Jolie: Good night, my babies. [She looks into one of the carriges and sees Megan in disgiuse]

Megan Fox: Pucker up!

[She puts Angelina's lips and leaves them on]

Megan Fox: Finally, I can show the world the real me, the fantastic Megan Fox.

[Dreamy music plays]

[Knock on door]

Megan Fox: "Big Hollywood Movie"? You couldn't script this! [a cage drops down on Megan]

Scarlett Johansson: Did we get her? [Angelina turns her the right way] Thanks.

Kristen Stewart: Give us back our looks or we'll have to take character roles.

Scarlett Johansson: Yeah!

Angelina Jolie: Mmm.

Megan Fox: [Whistles, clicks tongue, she digs her way out of the cage]

Kristen Stewart: Stop her! [Scarlett tackles Angelina] Not her! Her! [Megan continues to dig through the ground]

Director: What do you mean someone stole their looks? What do I care? I can't tell these girls apart anyways. Just send over the current hottie. [Megan makes it to the director] Wow. That was fast. Are you from Fox?

Megan Fox: I sure am.

Director: Then lets roll. We're gonna make you a star, baby.

[Dreamy music plays]

Director: What a beauty. Just, uh, stay on the close up. Will you? 'Cause she got the weirdest thumbs.

Megan Fox: [Whistles, clicks tongue]


  • The people in this stop-motion segment are similar to the ones in Robot Chicken, another sketch show with stop-motion which airs on the late-night adult oriented channel programming block Adult Swim.
  • This segment is the first main stop-motion segment.
  • Antagonist: Megan Fox
  • Innuendo: When Megan was talking about Scarlett Johannson's eyes, the camera angle hints that she was about to talk about her breasts.
  • The ending of this episode is inspired by how many people say that her thumbs are deformed.