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Finn the Human is a 14-year-old (originally 12 in the pilot and in the series until "Mystery Train," then 13 until the third season's cliffhanger) human boy from Adventure Time who loves nothing more than going on adventures and saving the day. He wears a self-proclaimed 'awesome hat' that covers his extremely long, beautiful, flowing blond hair (which he cuts off in "To Cut a Woman's Hair" and is seen to have grown back in "Mortal Folly," also in "Beautopia" and "No One Can Hear You"), and is prone to strange exclamations and outbursts. He has a lust for adventure and will help anyone in need (except the Ice King), but being so full of energy, he has trouble in situations that require him to do things other than fight monsters. Due to an incident in which he swallowed a small computer, he sings in an auto-tuned voice, but seems to be capable of singing without auto-tune. Finn is believed by many of the inhabitants of Ooo to be the last or one of the last humans. In season three's "Beautopia," it alludes that Finn may not be the last human. He is the main protagonist of the show and likely takes his name in the short, Pen, from the show's creator, Pendleton "Pen" Ward. Finn was raised by Jake's parents, as explained in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" and shown in "Memory of a Memory."

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