First White House Down / McDuck Dynasty is the 12th episode of MAD Season 4, and the 90th overall episode of MAD.

Episode Summary

First White House Down: It's a MAD sequel as George Washington once again picks up his axe to fight the dreaded cherry trees!

McDuck Dynasty: A rich, old duck tries to teach his three grandnephews how to be real ducks.


  1. MADvent Calendar - Been looking for UFO's all month? Here are some MAD moments you may have missed:
    • Wednesday, 3:00 PM: Stan Lee releases his own fragrance so that comic book fans can stop smelling like sweaty teenagers and start smelling like sweaty teenagers with superpowers.
    • Saturday, 8:00 PM: George Lucas gets married and then the screen quickly turns to the end credits.
    • Monday, 1:00 PM: Scientists make a 3D map of the human brain... and find this!
  2. Opening Scene
  3. First White House Down (Movie Parody of White House Down/MAD sequel to George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper)
  4. Animated Marginals segment
  5. The Rockets! (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  6. Automobile Correct (Spoof on an Automobile) (Ad Parodies segment/animated by Rory Gamble)
  7. Flat Fish (Awkward Moments segment)
  8. MAD's Guide to the Royal Family (MAD's Guide to… segment/animated by Augenblick Studios)
  9. Alyson Gator: Girl Crocodile (Cartoon, interrupted by MAD News/animated by Rauch Bros Animation)
  10. MAD News - The MAD News anchor announces that a crocodile has escaped from the local zoo and it was last seen entering a wig shop, and tells us not to approach the crocodile if you see it, and is considered very dangerous.
  11. Alyson Gator: Girl Crocodile (Cartoon, continued)
  12. Reality TV: Straight Up Ruining Our Judicial System (Cartoon)
  13. Spy vs. Spy - White Spy's Plane (Spy vs. Spy segment) (Stop-motion Cartoon)
  14. Animated Marginals segment
  15. How to Tie Your Shoes (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  16. McDuck Dynasty (Spoof on Scrooge McDuck from Disney's DuckTales / TV Parody of A&E's Duck Dynasty)
  17. Credits
  18. 5-second Cartoon - (from Automobile Correct) (5-second Cartoon segment)


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