Flammable is a song from the segments Flammable and Outtagascar.


♪ Do you ever feel like you're not really real?

Just a puppet doll dealt a lousy deal

Do you ever think that you are just a prop,

an animated thing made from paper stock?

Do you ever think that they get all the praise

When it's you they like, it's you with all your funny ways?

I got news for you, no need for feeling blue,

'Cause there's a glow in you...

You just got to release the heat and really mean

To spark the light, free color so bright

But be careful 'cause you're flammable,

You are made from paper, clay, and wool

You will easily ignite, ite, ite,

Or you'll melt down, which ain't right, right, right

Burn, burn, burn,

Oh, when will I ever learn, learn, learn?

Starting fires is concern, cern, cern,

'Cause then things start to turn, turn, turn

That's what happens when you're flammable,

Listen to the fire marshall

Keep your dreams in check, check, check

Or you'll leave the place a wreck, wreck, wreck '