Frankenstein is a Mike Wartella cartoon.


An angry group of villagers threaten to storm the castle and destroy Frankenstein. They threaten to burn him and tear his arms out of his sockets. But in the background the group hears someone talking about bringing him chocolates and rubbing his feet. The group splits in half and realizes that the monster is the one talking. He agrees along with what everybody else said and that ends the segment.


Man 1: We're going to storm the castle and destroy that monster!

Crowd: Yeaaahhh!!!

Man 2: Burn him!

Crowd: Yeaaahhh!!!

Man 3: Tear his arms off!

Crowd: Yeaaahhh!!!

Frankenstein's Monster: Yeah, and bring him chocolates and rub his feet and stuff.

Crowd: Huh??? (Backs out to reveal the monster)

Frankenstein's Monster: And uh, what everybody else said.

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