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This is from the episode My Little War Horse / The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O.

Summary of Skit

When disaters happen, a goalie's here to save the day.


Announcer: Up, Up and Away, It’s Goalies Save the Day!

Maiden: Oh dear! Who will save us?

Maiden's Husband: I don't know!


(A goalie flies in and stops the cannon.)

(Cheering noises.)

Mountain Explorer: Remember, no loud noises.

(The Women sneezes, The man drop pans and pots, and Drum beats are heard.)

Mountain Explorer: I said, NO LOUD NOISES!!

(An avalanche begins. Suddenly, the goalie stops the avalanche.)

(Cheering noises again.)

Male Citizen: A meteor!

Female Citizen: Its gonna hit us!

(The goalie stops the meteor.)

(Trumpet noises yet again.)

Male Citizen: You saved us!

Female Citizen: Thank you, goalie!

(The ball gets past the goalie.)

Male Citizen: You missed it!

Female Citizen: You stink!

Dog: Let's get him!

Announcer: This has been Goalies Save the Day! Sometimes.

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