Green Care Bear is a crossover between Green Lantern and Care Bears.

This segment is from MAD Season 2, Episode 12 (38): Moneyball Z / Green Care Bear.


Hal Jordan gets recruited by a different kind of colorful guardians to become the Green Care Bear.


There are no references in this segment!


  • Hal Jordan
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Tenderheart Bear
  • Funshine Bear
  • Narrator (not in story)


Narrator: Since the dawn of time, they have guarded the Emotional Spectrum of Light. Now, a great fear has surfaced, and for the first time, a human has been chosen to join their ranks.

Good Luck Bear: What is your name?

Hal Jordan: Hal. Hal Jordan.

Good Luck Bear: Hal Jordan. You must become... the Green Care Bear!

(Title card: Green Care Bear)

Hal Jordan: You have... got to be kidding me.

Cheer Bear: We watch over all of existence from our world of Care-A-Lot.

Hal Jordan: Whatever. Do I have to wear this itchy thing?

Cheer Bear: You'd have to do more than that if you're going to be a Care Bear.

(Hal gets knocked back.)

Grumpy Bear: They call me Grumpy Bear because I hate training new recruits!

Hal Jordan: You look so soft, but punch so hard!

Tenderheart Bear: Funshine Bear has lost his faith. And, well, basically, he's not fun anymore.

Cheer Bear: Look! The Caring Meter is down to zero!

Hal Jordan: So is my interest meter.

Cheer Bear: What was that?

Hal Jordan: Uh, nothing, nothing. Something in my eye.

Narrator: This summer...

Hal Jordan: The one thing a Care Bear needs to do is care, that's not me.

Narrator: You will...

Cheer Bear: You have the power to overcome not caring!

Narrator: CARE!

(Funshine Bear blasts the other Care Bears with his Care Bear Stare.)

Cheer Bear: Say it, Hal! Say it!

Hal Jordan: Ugh... With itchy fur and curly hair, I make good friends most everywhere. I hug and smile and skip and share, feel the love, my Care Bear Stare!

(Title card again: Green Care Bear)

(Hal stands next to the pile of ash that was once Funshine Bear.)

Hal Jordan: Can I take this thing off now?

(Hal Jordan by hot and segment ends)


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