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Grey's In Anime

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Grey's in Anime is a crossover between Grey's Anatomy and anime characters.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 3: 2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime.


Attractive doctors attempt to heal a patient using their anime powers.


  • A picture of the team getting ready to turn into robotic surgeon
  • A picture of patient with purple espercrystal stuck to its chest. Also green pedobear
  • Meredith greyGo to Avenger time


  • Cristina Yang
  • Meredith Grey
  • Patient
  • Owen Hunt
  • Alexandra Caroline "Lexie" Grey
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Checkaflu
  • Alex Karev
  • Calliope Iphegenia "Callie" Torres (O'Malley)
  • Robotic Surgeon


[Scene begins with Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey running into the clinic with a sick patient on the wheelchair.]

Cristina Yang: Get me a hospital bed!

Meredith Grey: Is the patient hurt?

Cristina Yang: No, for me! I'm exhausted from pushing him here.

[Scene goes to patient in bed]

Patient: [In bed] I don't feel so good.

Owen Hunt: Quick! Give him 20ccs of sodium phosphate.

Lexie Grey: I'll make it a blind CC so he doesn't know who sent it.

Patient: OOOOOOH!

Derek Shepherd: Stand back. I'm putting him under with a sedative.

[Derek pinches the patient with a needleful of sedative]

Patient: Uhh. That's strange. You all look so different all of a sudden.

[Right on cue, the sedative kicks in as, in a ripple effect, the Grey's crew change their animation style into... Japanese Anime.]

[Title card: Grey's in Anime]

[Fast techno music starts playing.]

Owen Hunt: Quick! What are his vitals?

Meredith Grey: They're... over 9,000!

Owen Hunt: What?! 9,000?! That's impossible! I'm gonna have to power up [With echo] to Super Surgeon!

Patient: Where'd his shirt go?

Lexie Grey: I'll prep this surgery by playing the card Dark Physician.

[With that, the Dark Physician is summoned]

Lexie Grey: He has 3,000 [3,000 box appears] healing points and is a Medicine-type monster.

Alex Karev: Not so fast, Lexie! I already played the trap card Malpractice Suit, [Businessmen appear] destroying your Dark Physician.

Lexie Grey: Alex, what are you doing?! We have to work together!

Alex Karev: No, Lexie. I'll defeat you and heal this patient all by myself.

Meredith Grey: He's up to 10,000! We're losing him!

Derek Shepherd: We need to shock him. Go, Checkaflu!

[Checkaflu comes out]

Checkaflu: Checkafluuuu!

[BZZT! The patient is treated to defibrilation, Checkaflu style.]

Derek Shepherd: That brought us some time.

Callie Torres: Oh, no! Look! [Scene goes to patient with a purple Espercrystal sticking out, also Pedobear appears] He's got the final fragment of the Espercrystal stuck in his chest.

Lexie Grey: Of course. That explains the poisoning of his soul.

[Face appears quickly and disappears quickly]

Derek Shepherd: There's only one thing that can dislodge an Esper Shard.

All together: Metamorph to Robotic Surgeon!

[Scene goes to the team metamorphing into robotic surgeon.]

Robotic Surgeon: Arrow of Light!

[The Arrow of Light airs at patient which creates an explosion.]

[Scene goes back to the normal Grey's Anatomy world - heavily damaged by the anime experience - and music ends.]

Patient: What the heck happened?

Meredith Grey: Oh, you just needed your appendix out. You're fine now.

Patient: But-- But-- Checkaflu...

Derek Shepherd: Bless you.


  • Antagonist: Alex Karev
  • This is the first time Yu-Gi-Oh! was spoofed. That is an achievment.
  • The Dark Physician has 3000 atk points while the real "Dark Magician" only has 2500 atk points.
  • At the start, the patient's shirt had a cat on it.
  • When Cristina was put in bed, she had a teddy bear.
  • There's a point when Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky can be seen dancing in the background.
  • The crew turned mostly like this:
    1. Owen as Vegeta (Dragon Ball)
    2. Meredith as Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
    3. Lexi and Alex as Yugi and Seto Kaiba, respectively (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    4. Derek as Ash (Pokémon)
  • The Over 9,000! joke is a parody of Vegeta saying that. Watch video here.
  • After the Dark Physician is defeated, it goes to Lexie and it shows a Wario-likeman and Panda Caramelldansen.
  • Checkaflu is an obvious parody of Pikachu.
  • The part where Owen turns into Super Surgeon was also used in season 2's main titles.
  • After Checkaflu shocks the patient, it goes to Derek in a background saying Dance in many forms and a cactus and man dancing too.
  • When the patient has the purple espercrystal stuck to its chest, a green pedobear and some sushi dancing are shown too.
    • It is odd for pedobear to be referenced, as he is not appropiate for children or from an anime.
  • A blue monster with two teeth is a parody of the Japanese NHK mascot "Domo".
  • After the scene with the patient having the purple espercrystal, Lexie is shown with Japanese writing.
  • A face appears quickly between Lexie and Derek and quickly disappears.
  • When the scene goes to Derek talking how to cure him, the background has Sugar, Do your Homework, and a 1-Up Mushroom, also businessmen are dancing.
  • When the crew turns into robotic surgeon, it appears the following:
    1. Lexie turned into the hands
    2. Derek turned into the head
    3. Owen turned into a remote
    4. Meredith turned into chairs (feet)
    5. Blue domo turned into the body
  • A dragon that resembles Shenron from Dragon Ball is shown in the background where the robotic surgeon appeared.
  • If you look more closely at the brief pictures flashing (before the parody of Voltron/Soul Eater), you can see a Smurf's head.
  • Antagonists: Grey's Anatomy Gang
  • Protagonists: Le Purple Espercrystal
  • Lexi is the only character representing an anime character of the opposite gender (Lexi is a girl, while Yugi is a boy).
  • Pokemon is originally is videogame, but Final Fantasy 6,super mario series is not anime, they just only videogame.
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