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HOPS is a crossover between HOP and COPS.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 19: HOPS / Naru210.


When E.B. moves to Hollywood, the Easter Bunny hires the police officers at Los Angeles Police Department to track him down.



  • E.B. (Not the Easter Bunny)
  • E.B.'s Dad (Is the Easter Bunny)
  • Cop (Said to be that cop from C.S.I.)
  • Energizer Bunny
  • Tinka Hessenheffer (Wants a photo with Tom Cruise's footprints)
  • Bugs Bunny (Eating celery for some reason)
  • Trix Rabbit (Needs help)
  • David Hasselhoff (Popular with Germans)
  • Julian Casablancas (Asks Sam to play it again)


(Scene begins with E.B. playing the drums)

E.B.'s Dad: E.B., you need to get ready. You're about to be crowned the Easter Bunny!

E.B.: Dad, I don't want to be the Easter Bunny. I want to be in a band!

(Scene goes to E.B.'s poster of CheapTrix)

E.B.'s Dad: Nonsense, what could be better than traveling the world and working only one day a year?

E.B.: Traveling the world and never working. Which is what bands do!

E.B.'s Dad: Kid's got a point. (Bubble appears) And if his band blows up, he might make a fortune. Then again, he might get mixed up with those Death Cab for Cutie boys. (Bubble disappears) Nope! I'm sorry, son! I can't allow you to--! (Gasp)

(Scene goes to E.B.'s drum which had a note saying "Gone to Hollywood")

E.B.'s Dad: He thinks he can ditch me, eh? Well, I know who can bring him in!

(Scene goes to title card "HOPS" with a siren blaring. The rap music plays)

("Los Angeles Police Department, Hollywood Precinct" appears bottom left)

Cop: Responding to a call about a rabbit on the run. (2:35 p.m Rabbit on the Run appears) Sounds crazy, but we randomly check out one prank call a day. Today, the rabbit beats out... "Downtown Riot." (... Was that supposed to be a pun? The cop turns the siren on) (Chuckles) Pranksters.

(Scene goes to E.B. playing the drums while sirens approach him.)

(Cop gets out of car)

Cop: Well, well, well. Look what we have here!

(People go away)

E.B.: Uh, is there a problem, officer?

Cop: You tell me. I'm in pursuit of a drum-playing rabbit on the run. You wouldn't happen to know where I'd find one, would you?

E.B.: You mean that guy?

(Scene goes to blue energizer bunny running from his feelings .)

Cop: What the--?! That's him!

(Scene goes to cop chasing the bunny)

Cop: (Panting) Man, that guy keeps going and going and going.

(Scene goes to Cop back in car.)


Cop: Turns out that wasn't him after all. But if he's from out of town, I bet I know exactly where he's headed.

Cop: Yep, just as I suspected, rabbit tracks.

Tinka Hessenheffer: Actually, those are Tom Cruise's footprints.

Cop: Huh?

(Scene backs out and shows Hollywood, bus passes by with passengers cheering)

Tinka Hessenheffer: Could you take my photo with them?

Cop: Oh. Um, sure.

(Cop takes picture)

Tinka Hessenheffer: (Gasp) Hey, you're not that cop from C.S.I., are you?

Cop: Yes. Yes, I am.

(Nobody cares.)

(Scene goes to night time house.)


Cop: Well, I didn't find the bunny, but I just got a call about some guy making a racket.

(Cop knocks on door)

Bugs Bunny: Eh, What's up, cop?

Cop: I thought you lived in the ground.

Bugs Bunny: The rent was too high, so I moved into a cul-de-sac.

Cop: Well, could you keep it do-- What the--?!

(Scene goes to E.B. playing the drums)

Cop: Freeze, rabbit! You're under arrest!

Trix Rabbit: What? This isn't cereal. Cereal's for kids! Why would I have cereal?

(I wasn't kidding when I said he needs help.)

Cop: Not you! That rabbit!

Trix Rabbit: Oh, sure, now you tell me.

(Scene goes to Cop and E.B.)

Cop: Come on, bunny, you're coming with me.

David Hasselhoff: Oh, no, he isn't.

Cop: David Hasselhoff?

David Hasselhoff: This music is amazing!

Julian Casablancas: Wow. Thanks so much!

David Hasselhoff: Not you guys, I mean the rabbit, you guys are just stealing music from the seventies.

Cop: Oh, stealing music from the seventies, are you?

(The Strokes run out the door)

David Hasselhoff: Son, I'm gonna put you on my reality talent show.

Cop: Not so fast, this hare is coming with me!

David Hasselhoff: Not if I can help it.

(David puts cop to the ground.)

Cop: Uhh!

David Hasselhoff: Run, E.B.

E.B.: I can't get loose.

(David gives the cop a knuckle sandwich KO, which causes blackout)

(Scene resumes to cop who is badly damaged)

Cop: Yes, technically, the rabbit got away. But clearly I'm the lucky one, two, three, four.

(Segment ends with cop playing with E.B.'s SEVERED LEGS on Stroke's drums while people cheer.)



  • E.B.'s posters had a Hare showing the peace symbol and Cheap Trix with three Trix rabbits and one Nesquik rabbit.
  • The globe is shaped like an Easter egg, similar to the Universal logo in the movie.
  • When the cop chases the Energizer Bunny, he says today's slogan of the Energizer commercials.
  • Footprints on the concrete were Dolly Parton, Burt Reynold, Tom Cruise and Jimmy Cricket.
  • The Trix Rabbit appeared at the beginning (Poster) and at the end (Party).
  • The Trix Rabbit had a cereal box called Len-O's.
  • First time MAD showed a 2011 movie and still in theaters at the time.
  • This was released by Fisher-Price as a set, in June 2011, which is bullhonkey.
  • This segment was an Easter special, but the full episode of MAD was not.
  • Unsurprisingly, this episode aired the same month the live-action/CGI HOP movie was released.
  • In this segment, the Energizer bunny is blue and his sandals are yellow. But in the Energizer commercials, the bunny is pink and the sandals are blue.
  • The chicks, Carlos, the Pink Berets and Fred do not appear in this movie segment.
  • In the movie, E.B.'s dad is fat, but in the segment, he seems a bit slimmer.
  • When Cop tells Tinka Hessenheffer that he's a cop from CSI, the phrase is exactly what Phineas and Ferb say.
  • Bugs Bunny appears at his house at the cul-de-sac throwing a huge party, which could be a reference to The Looney Tunes Show episode "The Fish and Visitors" when Bugs and Daffy throw a similar party. Also, he is seen chewing celery instead of a carrot.
  • Antagonist: Cop (I think...)
  • When Bugs Bunny appears, he makes a parody of himself (like W.B. wasn't doing that already) saying: "What's up, cop?". This is a parody of his catchphrase: "What's up, Doc?"
  • In the movie, E.B. and his dad have British accents as being voiced by British actors Russell Brand and Hugh Laurie, but in the segment, they have American accents.
  • This is the only appearance of Shake It Up.