This ad is a parody of High School Musical.

This ad is from the episode Ribbitless/The Clawfice.



  • Announcer (Not in story)
  • Girl
  • Boy
  • Old Man


Announcer: MAD Life Music proudly presents: High School Musical Song Collection Volume 44 Book 12.

Girl: Wow, I thought I knew High School Musical before, but clearly I haven't even scrapped the bottom of the barrel, just listen to these great titles.

Announcer: You'll get..

Oh Crap, I Got Left Back

Goin' To Trade School

I'm Not Really Into Musicals Anymore

We All Ordered Gravy Fries

...And much, much more!

Girl: These collections are awesome!

Boy: By the time I got to Volume 44, I realized how much I have in common with those kids!

Old Man: By the time I got to Volume 44, I was 63 years old.

Announcer: The High School Musical Song Collection. We've never thought you'd still be listening.


-This is the third time High School Musical has been spoofed. The other ones being Home School Musical and Twigh School Musical.

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