How I met my Brother Title

Title of Ad Segment

How I Met My Brother is a take-off of How I Met Your Mother.

This ad is from MAD Season 1, Episode 2: TransBOREmores / Star Wars: the Groan Wars.




  • Narrator (Not in Story)
  • Brother #1
  • Brother #2
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Dog
  • Cat


Narrator: What if you met someone who walked, talked, and looked just like you... But wasn't you?

(Dramatic music)

Brother #1: Who are you?

Brother #1 & #2: *Gasp*

Mom: He's your brother, you idiot!

Narrator: It's the season premiere of How I Met My Brother!

Brother #1 & #2: AAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Brother #1: You do look a lot like me.

Dad: You're twin brothers, What don't you guys understand?

Narrator: And it's a special day for everyone.

Mom and Dad: Happy Birthday

Brother #2: It's my birthday!

Brother #1: It can't be. It's my birthday!

Brother #2: Am I in some kind of alternate reality?

Brother #1: *blinks*

Mom and Dad: You're brothers!

Dog: *Barks*

Brother #1 & #2: We're what?

Cat: *Meows*

Brother #1 & #2: We're what?

Narrator: How I Met My Brother... is cancelled.