How I Met Your Mummy is a take-off of How I Met Your Mother.

This segment is from MAD Season 2, Episode 9 (35): Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas / How I Met Your Mummy.


A werewolf father tells his werewolf son and mummy daughter how he met their mummy mother.




(The scene begins with two children walking to Ted)

Ted: Come closer, children, and I will tell you a ghoulish tale of... (turns on light) How I Met Your Mummy!

(Title card: How I Met Your Mummy)

Ted: It all began one night at our favorite hangout.

Barney: I'm telling you, man! You've gotta get out there on the DATING SCENE! You gotta meet somebody!

Ted: Yeh! I'm gonna take Love Advice from a Guy in a Cape.

Lily and Marshall: (Laughing)

Barney: Hey! Ladies love the Cape. Watch and learn. (Turns to a Bat)

Barney: Hey there. How's it goin'?

Robin: AAH! A Bat! (Hits Barney with her pocket book)

Health Inspector: Flying rodents near the Kitchen?! (Smacks an F Poster on the A Poster) Hmph!

Lily: Trust Me! When you meet the Right Girl. You’ll know. Take Marshall for example he's the Man of my Dreams.

Marshall: GWRRRR!

Lily: Of course, I created him out of my Favorite Parts of all this, Boyfriends but...

Ted: Agh! It's hopeless!

Ted: And then she walked into my Life.

Aunt Susan: Hey I'm sorry to take you Bat Friend away, we have some Rats in the Kitchen.

Ted: And that's how I met.... your Aunt Susan.

Werewolf Son: Wait! You said this is a Story about how you met our Mummy!

Ted: I'm getting to that! Sheesh! The Show is Fast enough as it is!

Ted: See the next Night, Barney convinced me to go out in a Double Date with him.

Ted, Barney, and Two-Headed Mosnter: RROOOOAAARRRRRR!


(The villagers get chased by Barney, and the girl watches villagers and discovers Ted)


Girl: AAAHH!

Barney: Man! I love terrorizing Villagers! (Turns back to Human), having' fun Ladies?

Left Head: OK!

Right Head: I Guess.

Villagers: GRRR! Get them! Kill, Kill, Kill!

(Barney turns into a bat and flies away, the Two-Headed Monster runs away, and Ted opens the tomb and runs away.)

Ted's Dentist: Someone in here?


Ted's Dentist: AAAHHH!

Mummy Daughter: Is that how you met our Mummy?

Ted: What? No! That's how I met my Dentist. She's very Good. Also a Mummy.

Werewolf Son: But You said....

Ted: I'm getting to that!

Ted: The next day, I was at the DMV. (Wallet falls out)

Mummy at DMV: You dropped your wallet.

Ted: And that's... how I got my Driver's License. Nice Photo huh?

Werewolf Son: Dad! That's wasn't even a Story!

Mummy Daughter: And why does the story of How I Met Your Mummy involve so many unrelated Mummies?

Mummy Mother: Hey kids, what are you doing?

Ted: Oh I'm just telling the Kids the Story of How We Met.

Mummy Mother: Oh, you mean when I was working at the vet and you came in becuase you kept scratching your butt on the carpet.

(Werwolf Son and Mummy Daughter get disgusted)

Ted: And that's why I was taking my time. (becomes angry)


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