Jaws the Great and Powerful / Old Spock's Off Their Spockers is the ninth episode of MAD Season 4, and the 87th overall episode of MAD.

Hello, I'm Old Spock. After my planet was destroyed and my timeline erased, I found myself with a lot of free time. To remain relevant, I decided to play pranks on youngsters. So set your phasers to funny and input co-ordinates to the laughter galaxy, because you're watching Off Their Spockers.

— Old Spock from Old Spock's Off Their Spockers

Episode Summary

Jaws the Great and Powerful: When balloons carry a ferocious shark to the Land of Oz... things get weird. 

Old Spock's Off Their Spockers: Old Spock spends his free time pranking his younger self and the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise crew.



MAD - Spy vs Spy - Trampoline

  1. MADvent Calendar - Been searching for a Father's Day gift all month? Here are some MAD moments you may have missed:
    • Friday, 10:00 AM: The new My Little Pony movie sees ponies as girls, while movie producers see ponies as cash cows.
    • Tuesday, 7:00 PM: June marks National Accordion Month, which also happens to be National Ear Plug Month.
    • Saturday, 4:00 PM: Suri Cruise gets a multi-million-dollar fashion design deal, which is as absurd as this!
  2. Opening Scene
  3. Jaws the Great and Powerful (Movie Parody of Jaws and Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful)
  4. Animated Marginals segment
  5. Golf! If Only It Were Like That (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  6. The Everyone's Pole: the Firefighter's Pole for Everyone (Ad Parodies segment)
  7. Ostrich Business (Cartoon)
  8. MADitorial - Goats and Sheep are the Same Animal (MADitorial segment) (Animated by Jorge R. Gutierrez)
  9. Psyduck (TV Parody of Psych / Spoof on Psyduck from Pokémon) (Ad Parodies segment)
  10. Running Shoe Test for 50 Years (Cartoon)
  11. Spy vs. Spy - Trampoline (Spy vs. Spy segment) (Stop-motion Cartoon)
  12. Animated Marginals segment
  13. Owls: Don't Be Fooled by their Wisdom (Candy Parody of Tootsie Pop) (Animated by Mike Wartella)
  14. Old Spock's Off Their Spockers (TV Parody of Betty White's Off Their Rockers / Spoof on Mr. Spock from Star Trek)
  15. Credits
  16. 5-second Cartoon - (from Psyduck) (5-second Cartoon segment)


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  • Keith Ferguson - Burton "Gus" Guster and the Everyone's Pole Announcer
  • Dan Milano - Quint and Pavel Chekov
  • Jason Palmer - James T. Kirk and Shawn Spencer
  • Peter Renaday - Old Spock and Martin Brody
  • Kevin Shinick - Mayor of the Munchkins, Man from MADitorial, Owls: Don't Be Fooled by their Wisdom Announcer, Hikaru Sulu, Tin Man, Psyduck, and the MADvent Calendar Announcer
  • Tara Strong - Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West, Tootsie Pop Boy, and MADitorial Announcer
  • James Patrick Stuart - Montgomery "Scotty" Scott and Psyduck Announcer
  • Kirk Thornton - Matt Pooper and Spock
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