MAD's Security Cam

MAD Security Cam

A presentation of surveillance footage of things that happens at public places during nightly closing hours. Each video features supernatural occurrences that suggests would never happen during the day. The most recent ones take place in the zoo.

List of episodes using this segment

Season 1

  • Episode 8 - Middle View High School - All the chairs and desks were freaked out by a hamster.
  • Episode 11 - Vince Neil High School - The blackboard eats the janitor.
  • Episode 16 - Waldune's Grocery Mart - An employee realized a squid was hiding in the shelves.
  • Episode 22 - Waldune's Grocery Mart - Shopping carts fight.
  • Episode 25 - Vince Neil High School - Skeleton comes to life and composes, he loses his head after.

Season 2

  • Episode 5 (31) - Kevin's House - Kevin's clothes leave the drawer and sneak out of the room without waking Kevin.
  • Episode 8 (34) - Kevin's House - Kevin's dog and cat tango without waking him up.
  • Episode 13 (39) - Kevin's House - A monster tries to scare Kevin but he dosen't wake up. So he does a hand puppet show and gets himself spooked, because he saw his reflection in the mirror.
  • Episode 15 (41) - Kevin's House - Santa Claus leaves a gift for Kevin then he tries the cookies but he didn't like the way he made them. So he destroys the present he gave him and flies back to the North Pole.
  • Episode 16 (42) - Kevin's House - Kevin's poster comes to life then he breaks the window.
  • Episode 20 (46) - Kevin's House - A cat tries to eat a fish, but a tentacle reaches out and grabs the cat, it smashes the cat against the wall and eats the cat.
  • Episode 24 (50) - Kevin's House - The Easter Bunny started to hide eggs when Kevin's cat started to attack him and was pushed out the window.

Season 3

  • Episode 21 (73) - Zoo - A father and his son go to a hot dog cart, but a gorilla replaces the son with a monkey.
  • Episode 23 (75) - Zoo - A zookeeper lets out a kangaroo out of its cage, and tries to dial a phone number, while a panda gets out of the kangaroo's pouch and gives the kangaroo a piece of bread, and runs away. The kangaroo drinks out of the pond, gets back into its cage, and the zookeeper closes the cage door.

Season 4

  • Episode 2 (80) - Zoo - One of the monkeys puts a picture of the zoo in front of the camera lens, disco music starts playing, and the picture of the zoo falls off the camera lens so we can see the monkeys dance to the music. The monkeys think that they're caught on camera as the disco music stops playing and they monkeys high tail it out of the scene!
  • Episode 4 (82) - Zoo - The janitor is sweeping the ground and then he notices a banana peel on the ground. But just as the janitor is about to pick up the banana peel, a cage drops down from the sky, trapping him! The monkeys start to dance around the janitor in the cage, and then an octopus tentacle comes out from the pond and picks up the cage. The monkeys high tail it out of the scene once again, and the janitor looks up to the octopus tentacle and points to it.
  • Episode 16 (94) - Mars Rover - On an alien planet, we see a deadly missile with a sign on it that says "DIE EARTHLINGS!!!" and we see a couple of aliens next to the missile. One of the aliens pushes a button on a remote control, which causes the missile to rumble and shake for a moment and take off. The aliens cheer happily, and all of a sudden, the missile drops down in front of them, and the sign now says "Insufficient postage," and then the missile explodes to smithereens.
  • Episode 20 (98) - Mars Rover - We are on the alien planet again, and we see two aliens, but one on the left is holding a ray gun. The left alien points the ray gun into the air, and he fires the ray gun. But it turned out that the alien had shot a Cartoon Network satellite, which crashed down next to the aliens, and the alien kicks the Cartoon Network satellite, which makes the screen cut to static.
  • Episode 22 (100) - Mars Rover - We are on the alien planet yet again, and we see an alien pushing a giant, black monolith. But when he pushes it onto the ground, it turned out to be a giant TV remote. The alien pushes one of the buttons on the giant remote to turn on a giant television set, which is showing MAD.


  • So far, there are 19 episodes of MAD that have featured the MAD Security Cam segment.
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