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*#1990's (''the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'')
*#1990's (''the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'')
*Second time ''[[the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air]]'' gets spoofed first was '''[[The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air]].'''
*Second time ''[[the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air]]'' gets spoofed first was '''[[The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air]].'''
*'''In Brazil,the word no is KRISPY,is KOMBI.'''
*In the Brazilian Portugese dub, the word Big Bird spells is translated from "KRISPY" to "KOMBI".
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[[Category:Movie Segment]]
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[[Category:Movie Parodies]]

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Men in Black to the Future is a crossover between Men in Black 3 and Back to the Future.

This segment is from MAD Season 3, Episode 10 (62): Men in Black to the Future / Pokémon of Interest.


Agent J is stuck time-warping to different years... instead of 1969, where he is supposed to go!




(Agent J walks in a store)

Agent J: Listen, my name is Agent J and I need to go back to the year 1969 to save Agent K. What do you got?

Seller: Well, let's see... We have a DeLorean.

Agent J: Yes!

Seller: But, that's taken.

Agent J: Aw.

Seller: There's a phone booth.

Agent J: Alright!

Seller: But that's out too.

Agent J: Great.

Seller: Looks like all we have is this.

Agent J: A pocket Mr. T?

Mr. T: (voice only) Quit your jibber-jabbing!

Seller: What? No, wait... There's the one! And all you have to do is... (Scene goes to top of a building) ...jump off this building!

Unknown voice: Quit your jibber-jabbing!

Seller: Sorry. Must've pushed the button again.

Agent J: No. That was me. Quit your jibber-jabbing and come up with a better idea! I ain't jumping off this building!

Seller: No you're right, I'm PUSHING YOU!

(Pushes Agent J, causing him to scream)

(Transports to a hayhouse)

Agent J: Whoa! THAT was close. I could've hurt myself.

(DeLorean crashes)

Marty McFly: I made it to 1955!

Agent J: Oh yeah, sure, YOU get the DeLorean!

(Title card: Men in Black to the Future)

Agent J: Man, I wanted to go to 1969, not 1955.

Marty McFly: What's the difference?

Agent J: In 1969 everyone's all... Hey! Watch where you're goin'! But in '55, people more like... Hey, let's jitterbug, so we can..." Yeah, I don't know the difference.

Biff Tannen: MCFLY!!!

Agent J: Well, I have to go to a building to jump off to save Agent K, so good luck at that fish dance.

(Scene goes to a building)

Agent J: Whatever dumb thing you're doing gonna take long? Cuz' I need to jump off this building!

Dr. Emit Brown: I'm sending that kid BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Agent J: Really? Using what?

Dr. Emit Brown: Lightning!

(Agent J get's shocked and transports to Sesame Street)

Big Bird: Hi there! Are you lost?

Agent J: I'm looking for K.

Big Bird: You mean him?

K puppet: You use me to spell the word KRISPY!

(Agent J looks at Snap, Crackle, and Pop)

Agent J: You dwarves are confusing the KIDS OF AMERICA! But no, that's not the K I meant. By the way is there anything tall I can jump from here?

Agent J: Alright that's almost high enough! Is there anything else you can shove under there?

Elmo: Hi everybody! Elmo wants to be your friend!

Agent J: Yeah, Yeah let's step on him.



(Agent J transports to a base)

Colonel Phillips: Can I help you son?

Agent J: K! It's you!

Colonel Phillips: Young man I'm Colonel Phillips of the U.S. army. And you are interferring with our super soldier expirement. The most important expirement of the 1940s.

Agent J: 1940s?! Man, you must be born looking old. But haven't I seen you in the year 2012?

Captain America: Yeah.

Agent J: So, get me to the year 1969 the same way YOU made it to 2012.

Captain America: Sure.

(Throws Agent J in an ice block)

27 years later

Agent J: Man THAT WAS NOT COOL! I mean it was cold but you know what I mean.

Unknown Person: Son, you just came out of a block of ice on top of a rocket ship.

Agent J: K! It's you! I mean sounds like you but you look like a different...You know what? I'm tired of this! I'm going back to a simpler time!

(Transports to Bel-Air (You know he is Will Smith!))

Uncle Phil: William! You are grounded!

Agent J: (Now Will Smith) Oh, man, yeah! It's good to be the prince!

(Audience claps and segment ends)


  • Second time Men in Black gets spoofed. The first was mentioned in I Am Lorax
  • Elmo was purple instead of red. Also, his nose is green.
  • Here are the places Will Smith has gone to:
    1. 1955 (Back to the Future)
    2. Sesame Street (Last seen in the MADvent Calendar)
    3. 1940's (Captain America is seen)
    4. 1969 (I don't know if Agent K is in it)
    5. 1990's (the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  • Second time the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gets spoofed first was The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air.
  • In the Brazilian Portugese dub, the word Big Bird spells is translated from "KRISPY" to "KOMBI".
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