Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service

Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service (plus the Cartoon Network logo, but nobody cares.)

This ad is a parody of Mickey Mouse and Mouse Extermination Service.

This ad is from Spy vs. Spy Kids / The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker.

Summary of Skit

Original Concept

Mickey Mouse is ready to exterminate some mice for pest control.




Mickey Mouse: Hey, everybody! Room's got out? Sounds like you need the Mickey Mouse Mouse Exterminator Service!

(Scene shows a sad mouse playing a violin. Mickey Mouse breaks the air vent door.)

Mickey Mouse: Excuse me. (covers his hand to block the screen to only show darkness)


  • This is the second appearance of Mickey Mouse.
  • Ironically, Mickey is a mouse but he is killing other mice any way. `The same goes for Pigs advertising BBQ.
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