This ad is a parody of The Chronicles of Narnia and a lunchbox.

This is from the episode Da Grinchy Code / Duck.

Summary of Skit

A lunchbox that sends things to Narnia.


(Sketch starts with boy struggling to put food into a lunchbox.)

Announcer: Can't fit enough lunch into that tiny lunchbox? Then you need the all new Narnia Lunchbox. Every Narnia Lunchbox is a portal to Narnia itself. Which means you can throw in as much junk in there as you want. There is room for your lunch, your textbooks, your gym clothes, your bike, your bunk bed, your pets, your friend's pets...

Girl: Where's Baxter?

Announcer: And a thermos. Plus the Narnia Lunchbox contains all the characters you know and love.

(Cuts to boy outside with bald bully)

Bully: I wanna swap lunches. (Aslan pops out of the lunchbox, growls and pulls the bully in) Ahh!

Announcer: If you misplace something, just climb right in and look around. One of our Narnia specialists will be happy to assist you.

(Boy climbs into the lunchbox and goes to Mr. Tumnus for his sandwich)

Boy: Excuse me. Have you seen my ham sandwich?

Mr. Tumnus: Sandwiches are over at aisle 47 right next to the bowtie. (Santa crashes a forklift carrying the bunk bed into a pile of stuff) Uhh... there goes my Friday.

(Aslan chases bully from before)

Bully: Ahh! No! No! No! No!

Announcer: The Narnia Lunchbox. It's in there somewhere.