This ad is a parody of Johnson's Puppy Trainer.

This is from the episode Potions 11 / Moves Like Jabba.

Summary of Skit

A short advertisement about a spray bottle that repels parents.



MAD References


Kid's Dad: Steven, I thought I told you to mow the lawn.

Steven: (sighs) Fine.

(We see Steven mowing the lawn)

Announcer: Hey kid, way to let your dad walk over you, you look like a real chump back there!

Steven: I Did?

Announcer: And how?, but don't worry, help has arrived, introducing the Parent Trainer, now let's try that again!

(We see Steven watching a Spy Vs. Spy Short)

Steven's Dad: Steven, I thought i told to mow, Ah!, Oh!, It's wet, Stop it! I hate that! Ah forget it, i'll mow the lawn.

Steven: That's a good daddy!

(Steven gives you (The Watcher) a thumbs up!)

Announcer: Based on the same technology used to train animals, the Parent Trainer is equally effective, but twice is much fun!

(We see a girl listening to I Want You which is from the 2010 anime, "Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt")

Mom: Victoria!, I thought i told you to turn that music down, Ow!, Oh, I take it back, listen to it loud!

Announcer: And with the adjustable nozzle, you can spray, stream, or cone them away

(We see another Orange Dad seeing his daughter's diary)

Purple Girl: Are you reading my diary!? No! Bad Daddy! Get away from there!

(We hear the other Orange Dad screams from the stream setting)

Another Orange Dad:That stream setting really hurts!

Announcer:Ah, the joy of having obedient parents. If it comes in a bottle, everyone will have them, oh wait, it does come in a bottle, The Parent Trainer!'


In one part of the skit, you can hear the song "I Want You" which first appeared on the 2010 anime, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

In one part of the Skit, The Spy vs Spy theme plays.