Summary of Segment

One of the segments that regularly appear on MAD is the "Rejected..." segment.

So far, some of the skits using this segment theme have included Rejected Transformers, Rejected Pokémon, Rejected Grrl Pout Cookies, Rejected Superheroes, etc.

The lists that follow are a chronological listing of the segment's appearances by season and episode.

List of Sketches using the Rejected Segment

Season 1

  • Episode 1 Rejected Transformers (Announcer: Larry Dorf): Autopot, Mowertron, Headgear: the Orthodontal Transformer, Click: the Transformer who can hide anywhere, and Rentar: the Low-Budget Affordable Transformer
  • Episode 4 Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters (Announcer: Dana Snyder): Speak 'N' Swear, Mr. Couch Potato Head, Baby Never Stops Crying, Bizz the Friendly Fax, and Private Space (Parodies of Speak and Spell, Mr. Potato Head, and Big Baby)
    • (Note: Speak 'N' Swear is the cause of Episode 4's TV-PG-L rating.)
  • Episode 7 Rejected Pokémon (Announcer: Dana Snyder): Punchachu (Special Attack: Kicking), Glasstar (Special Attack: Frailty), Buzzkill (Special Attack: Indifference), and Your Uncle Hank (Special Attack: Confusion)
  • Episode 10 Rejected Grrl Pout Cookies (Announcer: Grey DeLisle): Lig-A-Mints, Eagle Pies, Do-Si-Toes, Gag-A-Longs, Cinnamon BearTraps, Pecan Blandies, and Thin Prints (Parodies of Ligament (Body Part), Eagle Brand Pies, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, Caramel deLites, Pecan Blondies, and Thin Mints)
  • Episode 12 Rejected Superheroes (Announcer: Keith Ferguson): The Incredible Growing Boy (A boy with the power to grow about an inch a year until his mid-20's. Weakness: Will most likely die in his mid-to-late 80's.), Sketch (A girl who can duplicate anyone's likeness. Weakness: Must be in caricature form.), and Altidude (A man with the power to fly at incredible speeds. Weakness: He is still subject to commercial airline regulations.)
  • Episode 24 Rejected Video Games (Announcer: Dana Snyder): Finals Fantasy, Tomb Reader, and Blogger (Parodies of Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, and Frogger)

Season 2

  • Episode 41 Rejected Reindeer (Announcer: Grey DeLisle): Crasher, Prankster, Vomit, Richard Donner, and Rudolpho the Red-Eyed Reindeer (Parodies of Dasher, Prancer, Comet, Richard Donner and Donner, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Season 3

Season 4


  • So far, there are 13 episodes of MAD that have featured the Rejected segment.
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