Rigby as he appears in MAD.

Summary of Character

Rigby is a 23-year-old raccoon from Regular Show who is best friends with Mordecai. Rigby is eccentric, immature, and extremely mischievous, which puts him at odds with Mordecai at times. Rigby lives solely for self-gratification, which he sometimes achieves through selfish acts of lying or cheating; but consequentially, Rigby has a bad habit of getting himself and other people in trouble. In fact, many of the problems that the park employees face appear to be (mostly) Rigby's fault. Nevertheless, he is best friends with Mordecai and often relies on him for getting himself out of trouble, though there have been times where he's saved Mordecai. He has a younger brother named Don who he is jealous of due to people often mistaking him for the older brother due to Don being taller and larger. He was killed three times in Season 2, once by Mordecai, another time by Snowballs the Ice Monster, and once by Skips.
Rigby character

Rigby as he appears in Regular Show.

For more information about Rigby, visit the Regular Show Page.

Character Appearances in Show

Season 1

Season 2

  • Episode 1 (27) RiOa: Himself with Mordecai appearing at the park. Rigby is still waiting for Mordecai to take him to Oa.

Season 3

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