The Shogun Warriors were the central characters of a line of toys licensed by Mattel Inc. during the late 1970s that consisted of a series of imported Japanese robots based on anime and tokusatsu shows featuring giant robots. Originally manufactured in three sizes: the 24-inch (610 mm) plastic versions, the 3.5-inch (89 mm) diecast metal versions and the slightly taller but much more detailed and articulated 5" diecast versions, several vehicles were also offered as well as a set that could be put together to form the super robot Combattra. Midway through the line Mattel introduced some original plastic vehicles, exclusive to the U.S. for the 3.5" figures to ride in.

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Appearances in MAD

Season 3

  • Episode 22 (74) Regular Shogun Warriors: Two of the mighty Shogun Warriors (Mazinga and Raydeen) started to battle with Godzilla before spending their days... well, like any other regular day.
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