This ad is a parody of Man vs. Wild, and Frosty the Snowman.

This ad is from Episode FROST/Undercover Claus.

Summary of Skit

Frosty the Snowman gets spoofed along with Man vs. Wild. His nose was a carrot instead of a button nose. His arms are sticks instead of snow arms. He wears an old silk hat instead of a hat with a flower. He has 3 snowballs instead of 1 snowball. He has little legs instead of big legs. He also has a scarf, then he said happy birthday and the guy from the helicoper calls him again then he eats that carrot and 1 dot instead of a button. Then he realized that his animals are his friends, he likes rabbits and squirrels and then a lion eats the middle snowball. He had 1 snowball now and his stick arms are in his head or the scarf. Then he used his hands for warmth, then he was on fire and he melted and screamed. Then Karen crying that he's gone now and Santa Claus realized that he was made of Christmas snow, that means he'll be back again next year. Then a black jaguar licks him, and Santa says he can't come back and now he's gone.



Narrator: He's everyone's favorite snowman.

Frosty: Happy Birthday!

Narrator: But now he's going down to the jungle.


Narrator: It's Snowman vs. Wild!


Snowman vs Wild is a parody of Man vs Wild.

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