The Fish from the theme is a cyborg.

SpongeBorg SquarePants is a segment from the episode G.I. E.I. Joe / Dog with a Captain's Log.

It is a parody of Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants.


  • Patrick Star
  • Squidward
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Pearl Krabs
  • Gary
  • Plankton
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Bikini Bottomites
  • Fish


SpongeBob is a cyborg who turns his friends into cyborgs.


(We see an island with two palm trees in the ocean, then it pans down to a metallic cube building)

(Childish music plays through out)

Captain: ♪ Who lives in a hive mind down under the sea? ♪

(The door on the building slides up, revealing SpongeBorg)

Kids: SpongeBorg SquarePants!

(Cut to SpongeBorg walking to Patrick's rock and Patrick waves)

Captain: ♪ As similar and yellow and porous is he! ♪

(SpongeBorg uses his fist to turn Patrick into a cyborg)

(Cut to SpongeBorg and Cyborg Patrick walking away from their houses and it pans right to Bikini Bottom. Several fish are driving in their boatmobiles, fish are outside the food store and many buildings are present, like stores and skyscrapers are in the background. In the foreground, a mailbox, a male Pearl and Squidward are walking)

Kids: SpongeBorg SquarePants!

Captain: ♪ If achieving perfection is something you wish, ♪

(SpongeBorg turns Pearl into a cyborg and Cyborg Patrick turns Squidward into a cyborg, while Cyborg Pearl wants to turn Gary into a cyborg)

Kids: SpongeBorg SquarePants!

(The camera zooms in on Cyborg Squidward. His eye shoots a laser to the screen, and a bubble transition transitions to the a realistic cyborg fish.)

Captain: (through the fish) ♪ Then resistance is futile, even for fish! ♪

(As Captain sings that, the cyborg fish emits a laser from its eye shooting to the screen)

(A bubble transitions back to Bikini Bottom, with a darker sky. Fish are panicking near SpongeBob's pineapple and a teapot house. SpongeBorg is chasing Sandy to turn her into a cyborg, while Pearl is still trying to turn Gary into a cyborg, and Squidward turns Mr. Krabs into a cyborg)

Kids: SpongeBorg SquarePants!

(Cuts to a close-up of SpongeBorg, zooming out revealing these cyborgs from left to right; a random clam character, Gary, Pearl, Squidward, SpongeBorg, Patrick, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy with some cyborg fishes in the background while metal cube building fly above Bikini Bottom)

All: (in unison) Ahh... Ahh... Uhh.

(Cut to a background with a green core. An arm carries a limbless SpongeBob while the "SPONGE" appears in a yellow cartoon font and "BORG" appears in a metallic robotic font below the "SPONGE". The letters slide left to make room for the word "SQUAREPANTS" in the same font as "BORG" while robotic arms turn SpongeBob into a cyborg by putting his arms, legs, suit, and helmet.

Kids: SpongeBorg SquarePants!

(Zooms in to SpongeBorg and then SpongeBorg shoots a laser to the screen. After that, the sketch ends.)


  • Many of the characters look almost nothing like their actual show designs, and Mr. Krabs, Pearl, and Squidward are the least accurate character designs.
    • In this sketch, Squidward has a green body, a light blue nose, and no shirt. In the actual series, his body and nose is turquoise and wears a brown shirt.
    • Also in this sketch, Mr. Krabs wears a mustache, has circular eyestalks, and a green Speedo. In the actual show, he has no mustache, tall eyestalks, a light blue shirt, purple pants, and a belt.
    • Gary has a plain green shell instead of a pink shell with a red swirl and purple spots. He is also completely yellow instead of blue with a yellow underside.
    • Also in this sketch, Pearl is a male, but Pearl is a female in the actual series.
      • Pearl's design in this sketch may have been inspired by an background character named Frank the Whale, who is a male and has a similar hat to Pearl from this sketch. However, this might be a coincidence.
    • However, the most accurate of the designs are SpongeBob (SpongeBorg), Patrick, and Sandy, although Sandy is short and stubbier, SpongeBob has green eyes, in a paler shade of yellow, more wrinkly, and has a single tooth instead of two buck teeth, and Patrick being fatter and shorter with polka dots instead of flowers on his shorts.
  • At the end, a clam character can be seen who doesn't appear in the actual SpongeBob (clams usually act as birds in the actual show).
  • Sandy Cheeks is seen briefly running away from SpongeBorg and in the end.
    • Also, this is Sandy's first debut in MAD.
    • Along with her, it's also Squidward's first debut.
  • 2nd time Mr. Krabs, Gary and Plankton appear on MAD.
  • 3rd time Patrick appeared. The first was in ¡AY Carly!, and then in iChronicle.
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