The Asker


Announcer: You've seen him on all of your favorite cop shows.

Asker: What happened here?

Announcer: But this Fall...

Asker: How long has she been dead?

Announcer: He gets a show all his own!

Asker: What do you see? Why was the body moved? Is that cranberry juice?

Announcer: The Asker!

Asker: What was the time of death? What are you- Are you interupting me? Who's in charge here? What stinks? Who wants to be a millionaire? Say what?

Announcer: If you got a question...

Asker: What's the best thing before slice bread? Should you use a silencer to shoot a mime? Can fat people go skinny-dipping?

Anouncer: He's got even more questions.

Asker: Where did you get those shoes? What's another word for thesaurus?

Announcer: The Asker!

Asker: Who said that? Is this thing on? Why do they call it a TV set if you only get one?