Title card for The Chirps.

From S'UP / Mouse M.D.

Summary of Skit

Marshmallow Chirps return to wreak havoc on town.


Announcer: Every year...

Woman: Oh, marshmallow chirps.

Announcer: They return...

Announcer: That's weird.

Announcer: Just in time.... FOR EASTER!

Announcer: AHHHHHHH!!!

Shop-keeper: What?! I have to restock the shelves!

Announcer: The Chirps! They're gooey...

"Ah! I can't get them out!"

Announcer: They're sticky...

"Uhh... YAAAAH!"

Girl: Easter Bunny?

Announcer: And they never ever go away!

(The kid looks at a chirp found in his Easter basket)

Announcer: The Chirps!


  • This skit is obviously a parody of Peeps, which is are marshmallow candy shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals, usually popular in Easter
  • The background is cut-off in one of the scenes