The Wolverclean title

This ad is a parody of Wolverine.

This ad is from the episode TransBOREmores / Star Wars: the Groan Wars.

Wolverclean Price

The Wolverine Clean Price


Wolverine: Has this ever happened to you? Or this?


Wolverine: Hi, I'm Wolverine and if their's one thing I hate, is cleaners that don't do their jobs. That's why I designed The Wolverclean. A revolutionary new glove that'll make fighting dirt extra easy. With its three grime-fighting attachment, you'll be able to scrub,



Wolverine: brush,



Wolverine: and buffer

"Aah! Take the car, man! Don't hurt me!"

Wolverine: But don't just take my word for it, listen to these true believers.

Iron Man: I love it. My armor's the shiniest it has ever been.

Mr. Fantastic: It's fantastic. The Wolverclean got into areas even I couldn't reach.

Magneto: I hate it, it punctured my armor and nearly sliced my arm off. Wait that was Wolverine. What did you say? The Wolverclean? Oh, oh, oh I love the Wolverclean.

Wolverine: Plus, if you decide to keep it, I'll send you the Wolversteam. It can get out all of your toughest stains.


Wolverine: Remember, I'm the best at what I do and what I do is clean your house. The Wolverclean, on sale now.


  • The fridge at the beginning reads "Feed Me!"