TransBOREmores is a take-off of Transformers.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 2: TransBOREmores / Star Wars: the Groan Wars.


Optimus Prime tricks Sam into finding the Rock of No-Talent-Tron in order to take a vacation.




[Scene begins with Optimus Prime spinning]

Optimus Prime: I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to all Autobots. If you need to refuge, or just a place to crash for a few days, you can--

Sam Witwicky: Optimus! Stop inviting giant robots to stay at my house.

Optimus Prime: I didn't invite any robots.

Sam Witwicky: Really? I don't remember buying 7 new cars and parking them in my living room.

Cars: [Backing out] Excuse us, I'll just leave, Adios, Oh boy.

[Radio turns into Frenzy and breaks oranges and plant.]

[Frenzy runs to Sam and pulls down his pants.]

Frenzy: [laughs]

Sam Witwicky: All right, that's it. You know, you need to get out of here. It was fine when you were saving the earth and all but it's--

Optimus Prime: What's that? The Decepticons are up to something really, really important this time. They want the uh.. [Looks at Dwayne Johnson poster] Rock of.. [Looks at Ke$ha poster] No Talent-Tron. Legend says its in some exotic place, maybe Paris. I always wanted to go to Paris.

Sam Witwicky: Go by yourself. I'm not helping you chase down another random robo-trinket.

[TV turns into a transformer and grabs Sam.]

Sam Witwicky: Fine. How are we getting to Paris?

Optimus Prime: By the power of your dad's wallet.

Sam Witwicky: Uhh. This is getting kind of boring.

(Title card: TransBOREmores)

[Accordion Plays and scene goes to Optimus and Sam in Paris]

Sam Witwicky: Ok. Do I really need to pay for your flights. I mean, He's a jet for crying out loud.

Jet: Oops-a-daisy!

Optimus Prime: Autobots, roll out! Seek good souvenirs and fine cheeses.

Sam Witwicky: And the Rock of No-Talent Tron. Right?

Optimus Prime: Sure. Why not?

[Remy climbs on the table and pulls out a bill]

Optimus Prime: [Clears throat]

Sam Witwicky: [Groans]

[Scene changes to Hawaii with Hawaiian music playing]

Sam Witwicky: So the Eiffel Tower told you the rock is at my parents' time share in Hawaii?

Optimus Prime: He's one of our most trusted elders, Sam. We don't question it.

[Sips on coconut drink]

Sam Witwicky: Speaking of "we", who are these guys? Are they even TransBOREmores? I mean, I think he's just a car.

Mater: Tater salad.

Sam Witwicky: And that's just a guy doing the robot.

[Alfred E. Neuman does the robot with hip hop music playing]

Optimus Prime: Sam, two worlds at risk, trust is the most precious resource. Are you with us?

Sam Witwicky: Sure.

Optimus Prime: Great. Be a pal and get me another coconut mist, will you?

Sam Witwicky: All right, forget it. We're going home.

[Scene changes back at Sam's house, which is having a party with robots while disco music plays]

Sam Witwicky: How did they get in my house?

Optimus Prime: Maybe they found the key under the mat.

Sam Witwicky: There is no key under the mat.

Optimus Prime: Then it's probably that giant hole in your wall.

[Scene changes to a Robot-like hole appearing in the wall, Sam's eyes open wide]

Sam Witwicky: OK, everyone and everything that is a robot, get out.

[Robots leaving]

[Sam's desk, lamp and couch turn into transformers and leave too]

Random Robot: Bye-bye.

Random Robot 2: Let's go over to Voltron's.

Megatron: Hey, bro, thanks for letting me borrow your "Iron Giant" DVD. I really--

Optimus Prime: Chill, man. there's a human here.

Megatron: Oh, sorry, I mean, prepare to die, Prime! [Eyes shine]

Optimus Prime: You'll never win, Megatron!

[Both transformers go to each other.]

[Megatron punches Optimus Prime softly "Ting" Optimus Prime punches Megatron softly "Plink"]

Megatron: Yeah, you beat me. See ya.

[Megatron walks out through the kitchen's wall making another hole in the wall.]

Optimus Prime: Wow. That was close. Good thing you're letting us live among you, or else he would have captured the magical tree of--

Sam Witwicky: I thought it was a rock.

Optimus Prime: Huh?

(Title card again: TransBOREmores)


  • Things that turned into a Transformer were:
    1. Radio
    2. TV
    3. Desk
    4. Lamp
    5. Couch
  • Optimus Prime and Sam went to Paris, France and Hawaii.
  • If you look closely in the back of the jet, you can see Cafe Raubo which is a parody of Cafe Caubo.
  • Alfred E. Neuman's hat and jacket both said What We Worry?
  • This is the first time to parody three Pixar characters (Mater, Remy and WALL·E) from Disney and Pixar's Cars, Ratatouille, and WALL·E.
  • Robots that were at the party included:
    1. WALL·E
    2. Iron Man
    3. R2-D2
    4. C-3PO
    5. Bumblebee
    6. Voltron
    7. T-800
    8. Cylon
  • There is a sequel to this episode called TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon.
  • This is the first segment that a name of a MAD parody is said.
  • Antagonist: Megatron
  • Protagonists: Optimus Prime, Sam Witwicky
  • This is the second segment that showed its title card twice. The first was CSiCarly.
  • The green text in the beginning read "If you need a refuge or just a place to crash for a few days, you can--"


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