Glee Spoof from Mad (TV Show)

Glee Spoof from Mad (TV Show)

uGlee is a take-off of Glee.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 4: Star Blecch / uGlee.


The Glee club sing a song about singing in high school to probably raise more money when they lose their funding.


Uglee 2

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(Scene begins at McKinley High, in Lima, Ohio, in the principal's office.)

Principal Figgins: I'm afraid there's no money in the budget for Glee Club.

Will Schuester: How can you be so sure?

Principal Figgins: Well, for starters, (cuts to Figgins sitting on Brittany) we're using the cheerleaders as chairs now.

Will Schuester: Uhh, how can my group compete with screameos?

Sue Sylvester: They can't. My girls are beautiful and they're invulnerable. (smashes Santana with a lamp)

Will Schuester: I think you're confusing them with the cheerleader from Heroes.

Sue Sylvester: An easy mistake. They're both popular and they both bring in the crowd. Unlike your pile of--

Principal Figgins: Don't say it! We don't have enough money in the budget for a censor, either.

Sue Sylvester: Too bad, because they are uhhhh...

Chorus: ♫ Glee! ♫

(Scene changes to the title card, uGlee, but the "U" sweeps "Glee" away)

Will Schuester: Oh yeah? You'll see. We'll bring in the crowd the same way all those teen shows do it.

Sue Sylvester: What's that?

(Music starts)

♫ Just some high school squares / Some jocks, some girls, one's in a chair ♫

♫ Trying hard to stay on key... dodging red slushees ♫

♫ She hates germs / They're told to spy / Not quite sure if that's a guy *burps* ♫

♫ But no matter what it's called, it's a lot like High School Musical! ♫ (Zac Efron, as Troy Bolton, appears holding a "High School Musical" sign, but gets whacked)

♫ Singing in high school / Seems to be the thing that's cool / So we'll do it too, this makes the show #5 ♫ (Zac appears again, and gets whacked again)


♫ The Jonas Brothers sang ♫

♫ Awee-hee-hee! ♫

♫ Hannah Montana croons ♫

♫ Ooo-hoo-hoo! ♫

VICTORiOUS is filled with tunes ♫

♫ It's cheap; It's lame; we're all just copying Fame!

♫ Singing in high school, / Seems to be the only rule / Forget plot ♫

♫ Who are we trying to foooooool? ♫

♫ No need for originality / His hairstyle's from '83... And this gesture is our sole choreography... It's all schlock! ♫

Will Schuester: What do you think? Can Glee stay?

Principal Figgins: I don't know. There wasn't enough money in the budget for an ending.

Chorus: ♫ Glee! ♫



Will Schuester walking out to prove to Sue that his team can compete

  • MAD Magazine also did a parody of Glee called Glee-tarded on Issue 506 which features the same art style.
  • uGlee reappeared in GleeVR.
  • Innuendo: In one scene of Sue Sylvester, the teens are singing "Not quite sure if that's a guy".
  • This is the first time that White Spy appeared in a main segment except Spy vs. Spy.
  • Antagonists: Sue Sylvester and Principal Figgins
  • The song and Glee first appeared in The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming that two polar bears watched and loved Glee.
  • This is the third segment that the name of a MAD parody is said. The first was TransBOREmores and the second was the beginning movie segment in this episode of MAD.
  • During the song, Kurt is erroneously identified as a jock ("some jocks, some girls..."), which is especially jarring since one of the first scenes of the original Glee shows him being thrown into a trashcan by the jocks, Puck and Finn included (though Finn did show some kindness by removing Kurt's name-brand jacket).


Lyrics: See the transcript for complete song lyrics.

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