This ad is a parody of Hamburger Helper.

This ad is from the episode S'UP / Mouse M.D.

Summary of Skit

A new meal is made to make vampires have more variety when drinking blood.


Announcer: For years, they've walked the earth with only one thing on their minds.

(The vampire tries to bite the woman but gets interrupted by the Vampire Helper Glove.)

Announcer: Blood for dinner again?

Vampire Helper Glove: Luckily, there's new Vampire Helper, the new flavor mix that turns any dinner into a winner! Vampire Helper turns your plain paniced victim into a savory, tangy, cheddar-cheese-and-macaroni supper your family will love.

Woman: I sound delecious!

Vampire: Oh, no you don't; that neck is mine! (Both laugh.) No, seriously. (He bites the woman.)

Vampire Helper Glove: Vampire Helper! Now in new Sesame Chicken.

Igor: Uh-oh!

(Scene ends and goes to Crocodile Shoes.)