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Zombi is a take-off of Disney's Bambi.

This ad is from MAD Season 1, Episode 1: Avaturd / CSiCarly.


Walt Disney Pictures presents "Zombi", a movie about Bambi's mom, who's now a zombie. Just when you thought a hunter shot Bambi's mom, SHE'S BACK! AND READY TO GET REVENGE! This DVD is part of the "Fawn of the Dead" collection for a limited time only! Coming soon from Walt Disney Pictures: Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard!



  • Narrator (Not in story)
  • Bambi
  • Thumper
  • Flower
  • Bambi's Mom (Zombi)
  • Hunter


(The ad starts with the short version of the Disney DVD logo.)

Narrator: Disney's direct-to-DVD presents...

(Cut to Bambi, Thumper and Flower in a graveyard.)

Bambi: I miss you, Mom.

Thumper: It's good to share your feelings.

(Just then... a rotten deer leg bursts from the ground.)

Bambi: Mommy?

(Soon, out of the hole came out Bambi's mom - what's left of her, anyway - freshly risen from the grave as a messed up Deer Zombie.)

Zombi: [moans]


(Scene goes to a close-up of Zombi.)

Narrator: ...Zombi.

(All three are running from Zombi.)

Thumper: My heart won't stop thumping!

Flower: I think I just skunked myself...

(Scene goes to a forest with dead trees, orange-ish grass, and a red sky.)

Hunter: What the--?!

Zombi: [moans]

Narrator: For a limited time only...

Hunter: I didn't mean anything by shooting you! It's just a sport!

Narrator: ... Because pretty soon, this DVD goes back into the Vault.

(Everyone slams the Masoleum door shut, with Zombi and the hunter inside.)

Bambi: Go get him, Mom.

Narrator: Zombi -- part of the Fawn of the Dead DVD Collection!

Zombi: [growls]


(Segment ends and the scene goes to Celebrity Birthdays.)


  • Alludes to the fact that Bambi's mother was shot by hunters.
  • The hunter wears clothes similar to Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes.
  • When the announcer said that the DVD is going back in the vault soon, then that must mean that the movie release is a either a Platinum Edition or a Diamond Edition.
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